Let the Boring Book Go!

This post has been sitting in my folder for over a month and never got posted, so it pretty much goes without saying that I’ve not been blogging since the end of last year.

Why? I’ve had absolutely nothing to write about.

Generally, when I’m reading something will catch my attention – a plot point or theme that carries across the past few books I’ve read, something I like within a book, SOMETHING – but I haven’t been reading. Continue reading “Let the Boring Book Go!”

New year, new goals!

Happy New Year!

I finished my reading goal of 55 books this morning and I’m excited to get a jump on the new year’s reading! I didn’t plan on my first book of the year being the second in the Mortal Instruments series – City of Ashes – but I got sucked into my re-read of Cassandra Clare’s books a few days ago, and it looks like that’s how I’m going to start my year off. I’m not complaining!

Continue reading “New year, new goals!”

Comic, Memoir, Novel: Best and Worst Reads of This Year

You’ve probably seen all the other posts on the Best and Worst books of 2016. Yes, this is one of those; I’m doing it partially because the year is wrapping up, but also because most of the books I read this year weren’t necessarily new.

Most of them were new to me, but I haven’t really seen much said by bloggers about any of these books (unless I just haven’t seen it, in which case, guide me to it – Please!)

So here we go: Continue reading “Comic, Memoir, Novel: Best and Worst Reads of This Year”

Casual Convo: The Appeal of SciFi

There are a million things that are appealing about Science Fiction that make you want to sink your teeth in – space travel, ideas for technology that has yet to be invented, alien life, intergalactic travel, settling on distant planets, alternate universes, time travel – the list could go on forever.

My personal favorites are the ideas of alternate universes, or even multi-verses.

But what is so appealing about them? Continue reading “Casual Convo: The Appeal of SciFi”

Holiday reads, anyone?

I am the absolute worst for not keeping to any TBR’s or “Currently Reading” lists I’ve made. This is not an understatement, and this is generally why in the past with other blogging platforms I’ve stuck to making Literary Hauls instead – because my interests change daily.

While I did finish reading one of the books on my TBR this week, and am currently reading another in my daytime reading hours, I realized going to bed Saturday night that not a single one of the books I had picked up at the library earlier this month had a holiday tone. Not. One. Continue reading “Holiday reads, anyone?”

Book Review: Tonoharu, Part One

Tonoharu by Lars Martinson

This graphic novel by Lars Martinson is one of the books I had found at the library during my manic search to find some books to read to finish my end-of-the-year goal. It was in the adult graphic novels section, I didn’t know anything about the author, hadn’t heard anyone talk about it, I’d never even heard about it. Which, there’s probably a reason why.

Now, I will go ahead and say that if I had heard the bad reviews of it beforehand, I may not have read it. But honestly, I’m really glad that I picked it up because I really enjoyed the art. It was simple and it’s very similar to how I draw when I pull out my ink & pens. Continue reading “Book Review: Tonoharu, Part One”

It’s the Final Countdown! (A TBR)

As of writing this there are nineteen – 19 – diecinueve – dix neuf – days left to complete our yearly reading goals. I’m not sure about everyone else, but my reading revolves around my “Goodreads Challenge.” I’ve talked about it in previous posts, but as a summary, I do read other things (zines, articles, newspapers, etc) – but I enjoy the Challenge because it gives me an easier way to track my reading besides on a piece of paper.

A few months ago I had upped my goal to 55 books.

I currently stand at 48.

With nineteen days left. 19. Continue reading “It’s the Final Countdown! (A TBR)”